Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kerf International Exhibits

Kerf International Exhibits in Wallingford, Seattle, has a new blog. See it here:

New Shows

I have two shows of my own up now through the end of May: Art work in Wallingford Center, Seattle, lower mezzanine. Photography at East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updated Calendar | New Show

Updated calendar for month of September. This week: Wallingoford (Wednesday); Pioneer Square First Thursday; Fremont First Friday; Issaquah (Friday); Spokane (Friday).

My own show opens Thursday of next week at Art On The Ridge in Greenwood. The show is currently hanging.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Up (Greenwood-Phinney) Friday, Aug. 14

Friday, I headed up to the Greenwood-Phinney neighborhood to catch their art walk - ArtUp.

My first stop was at Strut, the shoe store, where I met photographer David Quigg. David had previously worked as the Seattle staff reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune. He grew to appreciate photography from his work, and now has picked up the camera and is using it to produce art photography. His subjects are varied, and as fine art photography tends to be, difficult to explain. It is as much about color, shape, and noticing small things and their relation to the world, as about a particular subject matter. He uses color, light, and perspective to give us interesting views of his subjects. Some nice work. Keep shooting, David.

Next I went to Art On The Ridge. I had just missed the visit by Mayor Nickels, who was touring the neighborhood for Art Up himself. Art On The Ridge hosts several artists each month. In addition, live music is provided. This month the featured band was The B-3tles. The name is of course a play on words - the Beatles, and the B-3 Hammond Organ which they incorporate. It all makes for a great venue for art.(

Owner Nicole Stremlow-Monahan was showing some of her own work. Nicole creates large paintings of Koi, and combines them with Roman numerals, in a blending of East-West philosophies. In Japanese tradition, Koi represent perseverence and setting goals. The Roman numerals represent the passage of time. She uses bright, pure colors which gives a feeling of purity and ability to move with full view. The paint is put on the canvas in such a way that they are thick with color, but thin enough to drip, and in long flows. One can almost feel the fish effortlessly glide through the waters. In Teamwork, the fish move in paths that make way for the other while continuing on their path. The paintings give hope that we can also move effortlessly through our lives, while helping others also on their path, with perseverence and purpose.(Nicole bio)

Also, at Art On The Ridge, was artist Julie Costanzo. Julie was showing some of her beautiful Landscapes and Impastos. Origininally from New Jersey, Julie has lived here since 2006. Her landscapes largely reflect open spaces, blue skies, and deciduous trees, so may come from her life on the East Coast, or perhaps Eastern Washington. While the scenery in many of her paintings, such as Glass Pond seemingly go on forever, indicating a love of nature, they never leave you totally stranded or feeling isolated. There is always the heartening path, road, or fence nearby, telling you that the comfort of home is still within reach. The trees are often bare, forboding a coming winter, but the sun now is golden and warm, again adding to the sense that all is well.

Impasto, is a style of painting by adding the paint in thick amounts to the canvas. The term comes from the the same root in Italian as pasta, and in fact means, like dough. We are probably most familiar with the technique, or look, used by the Impressionists. However, it started much earlier with artists such as Titian (1488(?) - 1576). Julie paints Impasto's that look very much like an Impressionist, and is now also creating some abstracts. Her painting Montmarte reflects the French village of that name, which is famous for the paintings done there by Vincent Van Gogh, and others. The village looks warm and inviting, with but a few vague people outside on the streets. The street level lights are on in the buildings, while most of the upper level windows are dark, suggesting that people are gathered in the restaurants and bars below, sharing food and conversation.

Over The Big Top, reflects a circus tent that is shredding and being torn apart. There is drama and motion in the tent and in the clouds above, that perhaps a sudden storm is tearing apart the tent. The effect is convincing and well done. (

Sunday, August 16, 2009

West Seattle Art Walk, Thurs. , August 13

It was 5:00, and I was just thinking of making my way to West Seattle for the art walk. I looked off my patio at Puget Sound and the large number of boaters on the water for what must be a good fishing season. Suddenly, the wind kicked up, and I could see, looking across at Maury Island, that a squall was starting. The sky turned dark - kind of blue-black. The water turned a deep steely gray. But what was most strange, was the wakes from the boats were very white, and stayed like that for a long enough period of time, that they could be seen for a long ways off the back of the boats. Some photos of this can be seen here. To see all the photos, click on any photo in my slideshow.

Then, all hell broke loose. One of the strongest showers I have witnessed brought buckets of rain and hail. It looked like an art walk was out of the question. But within a half hour, it calmed down, and then disappeared, so I was off to West Seattle. It was a very pleasant evening, and things appeared lively in West Seattle.

My first stop was at Capers, a home decor store on California Avenue. There I met photographer and writer, Judy Lane. Judy specializes in taking photos of birds. But that does not adequately describe her photos, for they have a strong painterly quality to them. I had to look close to see whether they were not in fact paintings. She captures a crow perched on a limb, while the background is shrouded in a deep fog with other items in the image soft. Or a Great Blue Heron, standing in a shallow marsh in a driving rain, giving a softness to the image and the colors, reminiscent of a fine watercolor. Her portfolio, at least here, was not large, but her work is beautiful.

Judy had the opportunity to show her work to Art Wolfe. Art suggested she take her images, and write a book. So that is what Judy has done. It is a self-published children's picture book titled "Keiko & The Crow". Written in collaboration with Robert Maughan, it is a story of her dog Keiko, and his interaction with a community of crows. The book is available at Capers, online through publishing, and others. (

My next stop was at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar (aka Sugary Rush Baking Company, where I met artist Kerry Smith. Kerry had emailed me to let me know he would be here for this opening, and had told me he was a dolloptist. I had no idea what that term meant, so of course I had to find out.

Kerry takes what I would call big globs (or dollops) of oil paint, and applies them with a metal tool to a canvas so they form a base coming to a small tip out from the canvas - think Hershey's Kisses only much, much smaller. The paintings are made by taking colors and applying them in a regimented manner to form a pattern, or in a totally random manner for a more abstract presentation. It is painstaking, meticulous work which requires a steady hand and loads of patience. In fact, the quote on Kerry's business card, and website is "Painting is Patience". Well put. A photo of Kerry applying the paint to a canvas is on the slideshow. When dry the paintings are firm, but soft. I have never seen this done before but the paintings are totally distinctive in look. They could almost be woven, but the colors are brilliant, and the patterns intense and tactile. A highly unique style and end result. (

Next, I went to Brunette Mix. I just missed meeting the featured photographer, Tim McGuire, but the owner of Brunette gave her permission to shoot the work, so I have included it in my slideshow. Tim took photos of bicycles in Italy. Just the bicycles - leaning against old walls. They are printed on canvas, and put in a windowless frame. Very cool photos. Tim takes photos for his day job, too. His company takes stock images used in communications, publishing, and advertising. (

Then, walking down the street, to Arts West Gallery, I came to a group show of work by the faculty of Photographic Center Northwest called "Inspired By The Light". It is worth a trip up here just to see the variety of work of what are true fine art photographers.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

West Seattle Art Walk Venues

Held the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Participating businesses (from website):

  1. The Body Bar
  2. Hotwire Online Coffeehouse
  3. Ginomai Artists Studio
  4. Shoofly Pie Company
  5. Clementine Shoes
  6. Red Cup Espresso
  7. Keller Williams Realty
  8. Shadowland
  9. Craze Boutique
  10. Brunette Mix
  11. Sweetie
  12. Capers
  13. Windermere Realty
  14. Wild Roses
  15. Carmilias
  16. Coffee to a Tea With Sugar
  17. Senior Center Stop and Shop
  18. Edie Shoes
  19. Twilight Artist Collective
  20. Verite Coffee & Cupcake Royale
  21. 8 Limbs Yoga Center & Boutique
  22. Dream Dinners
  23. Arts West
  24. Talaricos
  25. Elliot Bay Brewery & Pub
  26. Bakery Nouveau
  27. Alki Bathhouse Art Studio
  28. Admiral Tattoo
  29. Click Design That Fits
  30. Alki Mail & Dispatch
  31. Circa Bar & Grill
  32. Styling Studio
  33. The Bohemian
  34. M3 Bodyworks
  35. Seattle Wellness Program
  36. C&P Coffee Company
  37. The Kenney
  38. The Building
  39. Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
  40. ArtCorp
  41. Skylark Cafe

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Walks This Week.

Thursday: Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Kirkland
Artist Kerry Smith wrote he will be at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar in West Seattle. Kerry is a dolloptist - places thousands of dollops of paint on a canvas with a knife to make the painting.

Friday: Greenwood-Phinney